Resolutions and Plans

2012-07-05 16.55.21

I’m moving to Seattle from Syracuse in a couple of weeks (18 days 19ish hours 43min and 33seconds to be exact) so I figure doing stuff I’m not used to or comfortable with is going to be the new norm for me. I don’t make resolutions for the new year, since mine are usually frivolous and don’t get accomplished anyways, but I’m going to give it a real post-college try this year.

  1. Embrace west coast living and jump in to my new surroundings with both feet.
  2. Don’t settle, right away at least, for a job that isn’t really what I want. (Waiting for a job that’s worth it can be a hard thing to do when your purpose for moving across the country was mostly to find an amazing job.)
  3. Keep in touch with family and friends on the east coast. (Hopefully this 365 blog will help with that one.)
  4. Give myself credit for the things that I’ve already accomplished, and have more faith in my talent and skills, because, let’s face it, I’m awesome.
  5. Put myself first, in every aspect of my life. (I tend to put others and their needs before I even consider myself and at this stage in my life, it’s needs to be all about me.)
  6. Try new things, and push myself WAY out of my comfort zone.
  7. Be more kind.
  8. Meet new people. (It takes me a while to open up and let someone get to know me, so hopefully meeting new people, and putting myself out there will be good. Hopefully.)
  9. Continue to live a mostly healthy life style. (This girl has a major sweet tooth, so that’s no small task.)
  10. Appreciate the little things in life.
  11. Love again.

I hate that there are 11 resolutions instead of 10, but I think that will have to do. I refrained from putting easy stuff on the list like, unpack when you get to Seattle, eat Pacific Northwest seafood, and shop less, because I’d really like this new year to be both challenging and rewarding. Much love to all and may your dreams come truuuuuuuue.

~ Stephanie

P.S. The official start date for my 365 Project is January 19th, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see another post for a few weeks!