Mo’ Boxes, Mo’ Problems

Pre365 002

Today’s countdown ticker says almost exactly 5 days until I get on a plane and move to Seattle. I’m crazy excited, but I’m obviously also crazy nervous. All the support and encouragement that I’ve been receiving from friends and family is amazing, but it adds a little pressure to do well, and succeed out there. I just don’t want to make this huge move, and make a big deal about it, and then fall flat on my face, and feel like I’ve wasted my time, but especially everyone else’s time. I have to shake off these insecurities stat, or else I’m just going to cause myself to fail for no real reason. My list of resolutions needs to be printed out because a lot of them relate to this move, and number 4 in particular:

Give myself credit for the things that I’ve already accomplished, and have more faith in my talent and skills, because, let’s face it, I’m awesome.

Ain’t that the truth. I’m awesome. I’m awesome. I’m awesome. My new daily, maybe sometimes hourly, affirmation.

– Stephanie


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