[002] Home Sweet Basement


Today was, and still is, a settling in kind of day. I woke up to the sound of tiny feet running around upstairs, but easily fell back asleep, and eventually got out of bed around 9. Being the neat freak I am, I immediately started to unpack my suitcases, and make myself at home. Technically I’m living in my aunt and uncle’s basement, but the word basement is slightly deceiving because it has a beautiful, full kitchen, nice big bathroom, laundry, aaaaand furniture, which I did not have to bring from Syracuse. I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can because when I start to look for my own place, I will not find anything, that I can afford, as nice as this.

After I unpacked, I made a Target list, and a grocery list, and headed out on my first adventure, although not very exciting. I listened to my GPS for a little while, but then decided to just aimlessly drive around and see if I could get lost. I did, and even though I didn’t mind, I did eventually want to get to Target, so I turned the GPS back on. My new Wegmans, aka QFC, which could never ever actually live up to Wegmans, was my next stop. Brought my reuseable Wegmans bags and bought a ton of groceries, but it didn’t seem like I got anything sfter putting it all away.

The sun is shining and I couldn’t be happier…unless I had some of my sister’s cupcakes. Then I would be in heaven.

– Stephanie


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