[005] Seattle Rain


I feel completely overwhelmed. I’m putting so much pressure on myself, now that I’m actually in Seattle, to find a job, and a worthy one at that. I’ve been on unemployment for almost 2 months at this point. Although a part of me really enjoys not having to be somewhere everyday for a set amount of time, the other part is going crazy from sitting around day after day. Yeah I’m doing work, but not 8 hours a day worth. And I’d love to get out and go do stuff, but I feel a little guilty having fun when I really want and need to find a job. I know I need to explore, but it’s kind of depressing doing it all by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO excited to be here and to have taken this opportunity for myself, and to have the support from all my family and friends, but it’s a serious adjustment, and I thought I’d be all set by now. Emotionally I was ready to miss the shit out of my family , and my nugget Jacob, but I was not mentally prepared for how frustrating this whole job hunting business is. I have an interview lined up for next week at a huge company; I want this job because it would be an amazing opportunity for me, and I would love to work there.

On a lighter note, I’m finally getting a taste of the famous Seattle rain. I’m going to have to invest in an awesome umbrella if my hair is going to survive the next few months.

I promise these posts will get happier.

– Stephanie


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