[013] Returns Gone Wrong


I had mentioned the other day that I ended up going to a nearby mall with my aunt and cousin. Well I had purchased a beautiful, deep orange shirt that I liked, but wasn’t completely sure about. After looking at it for a couple days I decided that I didn’t like it enough to keep it, so today I returned it. It was just going to be a quick trip, in and out, except that I found Moxie. I forgot about it yesterday when I was writing down my sometimes, always, never guilty pleasures, but handmade, local, and letterpressed paper goods are a never guilty pleasure for me. Which means, I may have indulged a little bit, but I don’t think 6 Valentine’s Day cards, and 2 rolls of Washi tape is excessive, and I’ll keep telling myself that. I still spent a good $11 less than the shirt that I returned cost, so I’m ahead? Oh well, I got paper in my veins. Thanks, Dad.


– Stephanie


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