[041] Myers-Briggs


Today the entire Windows Design team learned about our ‘types.’ I tend to be introverted, make decision based on feelings and intuition over facts, and I plan ahead to have everything in order instead of doing things last minute. I willed myself to go to the gym after happy hour, and now I have the hiccups. Although I don’t think those things are related.


– Stephanie


[039] Serious Disappointment


You know when you heat up food in the microwave, because you had a long day at work and didn’t feel like actually making anything? And you take care to stir between multiple nukes so that everything gets heated? And then you take it out and it looks steamy and perfectly warm? And you bring it to your eating spot far away from the microwave? And then you bite into the middle and it’s not? And then you put off getting up to reheat it for 45 minutes because you’re too tired? I hate that.


[038] Sleeping Fashionably


I have a sock monkey, red and navy striped onesie that my mom and sister got me as an early Christmas present last year. I love it, a lot.

When I was living in my parent’s basement in Syracuse it was perfect. At night my dad would turn the heat way down, and because he only had the vents locked open at a small amount, it would drop down to around 60 degrees, and I would almost always certainly wake up with a cold nose. Besides the fact that I was sleeping under a minimum of 3 blankets, and my down comforter, my onesie always made sure that no skin was ever exposed, minus my head because unfortunately I don’t think onesies come with hoods. But, just like everything, there are pros and cons to a onesie…


  • It keeps everything warm, all the time.
  • Mine has pockets.
  • It reminds you of all the awesome things about being a kid.
  • There are monkeys on the feet.
  • It’s only one piece of clothing.


  • Sometimes it keeps you too warm, and you sweat…a lot.
  • When I sleep in my onesie, I’m pretty sure it shrinks and my feet feel as though they are jammed into shoes that are 2 sizes too small.
  • Since I don’t wear a bra to sleep, because that’s pure torture, when I have to pee, I feel super exposed. Maybe because I am.
  • Because it keeps you so warm, when you have to take it off, because it’s not socially acceptable to wear in public, you feel like you just stepped into the artic.
  • It does not make you look cute whatsoever.

I’d say the pros outweigh the cons, but last night when I actually took my onesie off to go to bed, it got me thinking about all the things I love about it, and what I would change, if I could. With that said, I still love my onesie.


[037] Guys Baffle Me


This post is very blunt and deals with men, women specific monthly bodily functions, gingers, and “dating.” If you’re scared of any of those things, be careful as you read on…it may not be pretty.




I am by no means bragging when I say that lately I’ve had a lot of guys hit on me. This has been happening at very mundane locations like the grocery store, drugstore, and gas station. And it’s not people also shopping at those places, it’s the guys that work there.

Exhibit A: Today I went to Walgreens to get some drugstore stuff, including tampons, since I needed them. I will usually try and get in a line with a woman running the cash register because I know she’ll understand and she won’t ask me any stupid questions that will only make me more unpleasant than I already am. Unfortunately, there was only one line, and a guy was running the show. I don’t get embarrassed by that kind of stuff but I just had a bad feeling. This guy working was a ginger, looked like he was maybe 18, and couldn’t have been more than maybe 5’5″. So I get in line with my tampons, some shampoo, and a new nail polish, which I totally didn’t need. He rings everything up, asks me if I want to sign up for the Walgreens savings card thing, I say yes, he does that, without incident, I swipe my card and go to grab my bag and leave, but he won’t let me. He grabbed the bag and basically wouldn’t give it to me. He starts asking me dating-esque questions as if I gave him some sort of non-verbal signal that I was totally into him. I want to know what gave him that impression. Was it the way I spelled my last name for the him to put into the computer for the savings card? Or was it the sensuality that came oozing out of my pores when I swiped my card? Did that fact that I’m not pregnant and currently buying tampons turn him on enough to start flirting with me? He’s obviously never had a girlfriend because if he had he would realize that during a girl’s period is probably the worst time to hit on her, or even try to compliment her.

I just don’t get it. I’m sure some girls would just soak up all the attention, and it’s nice sometimes, but most of the time I don’t know your name, you’re currently working at a place I would never try and find a boyfriend, I haven’t been drinking, I feel like pure crap, and you’re a ginger. That last part is specifically for the guy today, but apparently I attract gingers so that’s been a recurring reason lately.

I’m pretty sure I sound like a stuck up, ungrateful betch right now, but I’m so not feeling random guys hitting on me when I’m not mentally and physically prepared for it.

Rant over…for now.


– Stephanie


[036] Shams


Something you may not know about me is that I thoroughly enjoy making my bed with freshly washed, and still-warm-out-of-the-dryer sheets. I don’t really do that on a daily basis, because it’s just not the same, but every other week…ooo boy I’m in heaven.

One of the reasons I enjoy doing this is the scent of the detergent I use (Gain Apple Mango Tango.) It makes me so happy and encourages me to wrap myself in the sheets before putting them on the bed, which I always do. Another reason making my bed brings me such joy is the way I feel getting into said bed. Everything is still tucked in where it’s supposed to be, my down comforter hasn’t inched its way towards the bottom of the bed yet, and it all smells so divine. If it’s wrong to say that I feel protected and loved by my sheets, then I don’t want to be right. I move around a lot less during that first night after making my bed. Maybe it’s because everything is still so tight and I can’t actually move, but I like to think it’s because I’m at ease and feeling rather peaceful.

Basically a freshly made bed is the best thing ever.


– Stephanie


[035] The Commute


Commuting more than 10 minutes is new to me, as are a lot of things in this little adventure. However, I actually kind of look forward to my commute back and forth every day. It gives me a chance to just be for 20-40 minutes in the morning, and at the end of the day. I’ve been putting my iPod on random and seriously enjoying everything that’s been coming up. Yesterday this gem came up and I may have listened to it a couple of times because I had forgotten how much I loved/love it!

Today it rained all day, until I had to walk to my car at the end of the day. The sun was shining and lasted just long enough to capture my picture for today. Have a good weekend everyone!


– Stephanie


[034] It’s Alive!


I fixed my computer today! I called IT in the morning and they had scheduled someone to come help me at 2, but after lunch I rebooted again as a last ditch effort, and it worked! I’m a genius, I know. And I started to personalize my office via some pictures on a cork board. Overall I’d say it was a pretty good day.


– Stephanie


[033] Working Computer…Not.


I might need to change the title of this blog to “Trials and Tribulations of a Corporate Newbie.”

Today started out well…ish. When I got to work I still didn’t have a password, but I did get a print out of the style guide to read, which definitely killed some time. My manager brought me my temporary password before lunch (!) so I was actually able to use my computer! I got everything set up, ate lunch with my office mate, and then continued organizing my desktop. I was emailed a serial number for CS6 (!!) but when I went to install it, I was prompted for an admin password. WTF. Long story short, I had to wipe everything off the computer, including all the organizing of stuff I just spent hours on, reinstall Windows 8, make myself the admin, and reboot. That only took like 2 hours, and before I left the office both of my monitors were flashing on and off. I’m so not looking forward to dealing with that tomorrow.


– Stephanie


[032] Thumb Twiddler


Today was my first day in my new office. That’s right, I said MY office. Technically I share it with another girl, but she’s pretty cool so I can totally live with that. We had to hook up the desktops on our own, which was time consuming, and a little inconvenient, but fine in the long run. After setting those bad boys up, we tried to log in to the computers, except my office mate couldn’t get in because the computer basically ended up locking her out. I couldn’t get into my computer because I didn’t have a password, and I wouldn’t get one…all day. That means I didn’t do a whole lot today except eat lunch with my new team, which was lots of fun, send a couple emails, from my iPhone, and take a shuttle to The Commons to get a cupcake. I got sent home early and immediately took my shoes off, and put my sweatpants. My feet are not used to being in shoes for 8 hours.


– Stephanie