[014] Good News Glow


Yesterday, after I posted, I had a couple of good things happen to me. First, a box, with some important things in it, that I shipped BEFORE I left Syracuse finally came in the mail. The box itself was barely a box anymore, and I’m pretty sure some items fell out, but it wasn’t any of the important stuff so I was totally ok with that. And secondly, I got some good news on the job front. I’m not going to share any specifics yet because a couple things still need to happen, but it’s looking good!

Today I was still feeling the good news vibes from yesterday so I had a bit more motivation today than usual. I worked out, washed my sheets and made the bed, went out to lunch, cooked dinner (zucchini “noodles” with peanut sauce), organized my closet by color, and made zucchini chips. Later tonight I’ll be going to an art show with my new friend Caroline! Bam. Started this month off the right way.


– Stephanie


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