[021] Cool Waters


Today has been a recharging day. Started with another hike to the top of Diamond Head Crater. My uncle decided climbing to the top every day, or almost every day, would kick off his training to try and summit Mt. Rainier for a third year in a row. We made the climb in under 20 minutes, enjoyed the beautiful view for a little bit, and then headed down.

When we got back to the rental house I decided I could use some quality time with the lounge chairs by the pool, and the sun. The pool itself is very chilly, but almost feels a little good when you jump in and get out immediately. With the difference between the air and the pool it feels like I think a polar bear plunge would feel, seeing as though I have yet to do one.

Besides that, not a whole lot happened, and I’m totally ok with that.


– Stephanie


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