[032] Thumb Twiddler


Today was my first day in my new office. That’s right, I said MY office. Technically I share it with another girl, but she’s pretty cool so I can totally live with that. We had to hook up the desktops on our own, which was time consuming, and a little inconvenient, but fine in the long run. After setting those bad boys up, we tried to log in to the computers, except my office mate couldn’t get in because the computer basically ended up locking her out. I couldn’t get into my computer because I didn’t have a password, and I wouldn’t get one…all day. That means I didn’t do a whole lot today except eat lunch with my new team, which was lots of fun, send a couple emails, from my iPhone, and take a shuttle to The Commons to get a cupcake. I got sent home early and immediately took my shoes off, and put my sweatpants. My feet are not used to being in shoes for 8 hours.


– Stephanie


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