[033] Working Computer…Not.


I might need to change the title of this blog to “Trials and Tribulations of a Corporate Newbie.”

Today started out well…ish. When I got to work I still didn’t have a password, but I did get a print out of the style guide to read, which definitely killed some time. My manager brought me my temporary password before lunch (!) so I was actually able to use my computer! I got everything set up, ate lunch with my office mate, and then continued organizing my desktop. I was emailed a serial number for CS6 (!!) but when I went to install it, I was prompted for an admin password. WTF. Long story short, I had to wipe everything off the computer, including all the organizing of stuff I just spent hours on, reinstall Windows 8, make myself the admin, and reboot. That only took like 2 hours, and before I left the office both of my monitors were flashing on and off. I’m so not looking forward to dealing with that tomorrow.


– Stephanie


One thought on “[033] Working Computer…Not.

  1. been there. done that. and this year, they asked me ‘do you want a new computer?’ …it’s faster, bigger HDD, etc… but do I really need the hassle? printer settings, internet settings, email settings, admin settings, …where is this folder? why can’t i access this mainframe?/document/folder … what a pain!

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