[037] Guys Baffle Me


This post is very blunt and deals with men, women specific monthly bodily functions, gingers, and “dating.” If you’re scared of any of those things, be careful as you read on…it may not be pretty.




I am by no means bragging when I say that lately I’ve had a lot of guys hit on me. This has been happening at very mundane locations like the grocery store, drugstore, and gas station. And it’s not people also shopping at those places, it’s the guys that work there.

Exhibit A: Today I went to Walgreens to get some drugstore stuff, including tampons, since I needed them. I will usually try and get in a line with a woman running the cash register because I know she’ll understand and she won’t ask me any stupid questions that will only make me more unpleasant than I already am. Unfortunately, there was only one line, and a guy was running the show. I don’t get embarrassed by that kind of stuff but I just had a bad feeling. This guy working was a ginger, looked like he was maybe 18, and couldn’t have been more than maybe 5’5″. So I get in line with my tampons, some shampoo, and a new nail polish, which I totally didn’t need. He rings everything up, asks me if I want to sign up for the Walgreens savings card thing, I say yes, he does that, without incident, I swipe my card and go to grab my bag and leave, but he won’t let me. He grabbed the bag and basically wouldn’t give it to me. He starts asking me dating-esque questions as if I gave him some sort of non-verbal signal that I was totally into him. I want to know what gave him that impression. Was it the way I spelled my last name for the him to put into the computer for the savings card? Or was it the sensuality that came oozing out of my pores when I swiped my card? Did that fact that I’m not pregnant and currently buying tampons turn him on enough to start flirting with me? He’s obviously never had a girlfriend because if he had he would realize that during a girl’s period is probably the worst time to hit on her, or even try to compliment her.

I just don’t get it. I’m sure some girls would just soak up all the attention, and it’s nice sometimes, but most of the time I don’t know your name, you’re currently working at a place I would never try and find a boyfriend, I haven’t been drinking, I feel like pure crap, and you’re a ginger. That last part is specifically for the guy today, but apparently I attract gingers so that’s been a recurring reason lately.

I’m pretty sure I sound like a stuck up, ungrateful betch right now, but I’m so not feeling random guys hitting on me when I’m not mentally and physically prepared for it.

Rant over…for now.


– Stephanie


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