[038] Sleeping Fashionably


I have a sock monkey, red and navy striped onesie that my mom and sister got me as an early Christmas present last year. I love it, a lot.

When I was living in my parent’s basement in Syracuse it was perfect. At night my dad would turn the heat way down, and because he only had the vents locked open at a small amount, it would drop down to around 60 degrees, and I would almost always certainly wake up with a cold nose. Besides the fact that I was sleeping under a minimum of 3 blankets, and my down comforter, my onesie always made sure that no skin was ever exposed, minus my head because unfortunately I don’t think onesies come with hoods. But, just like everything, there are pros and cons to a onesie…


  • It keeps everything warm, all the time.
  • Mine has pockets.
  • It reminds you of all the awesome things about being a kid.
  • There are monkeys on the feet.
  • It’s only one piece of clothing.


  • Sometimes it keeps you too warm, and you sweat…a lot.
  • When I sleep in my onesie, I’m pretty sure it shrinks and my feet feel as though they are jammed into shoes that are 2 sizes too small.
  • Since I don’t wear a bra to sleep, because that’s pure torture, when I have to pee, I feel super exposed. Maybe because I am.
  • Because it keeps you so warm, when you have to take it off, because it’s not socially acceptable to wear in public, you feel like you just stepped into the artic.
  • It does not make you look cute whatsoever.

I’d say the pros outweigh the cons, but last night when I actually took my onesie off to go to bed, it got me thinking about all the things I love about it, and what I would change, if I could. With that said, I still love my onesie.


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