[044] Happy Birthday to Me


Today is my birthday! And the sun is shining. It’s a birthday miracle! I’m 24, and this is the very first birthday that I will be away from my family, i.e. my mom, dad, sister, and Jacob, who is a dog. I had a minor breakdown on Friday while I was talking to my cousin. Obviously it had been on my mind, but I hadn’t talked about it out loud. I had all these emotions just rush over me. I lived at home all through college, lived near my family after that, and just moved away, so this is new to me. I talked to my mom in the morning, and video chatted with my sister immediately after. Talked to my dad in the car on the way home from brunch, and video “chatted” with Jacob, which really just means I talked at him while my sister held her iPod in his face. After that, my day was complete.



It’s definitely been nice having my aunt and uncle and adorable cousin here because it makes everything no so lonely. Before we left, they gave me the most unique present that I didn’t even know I wanted: a piece of the court that SU won the championship game on 10 years ago. It’s so cool and I really love it. They also took me out to brunch at this place called Salty’s. It claims to be the best brunch in Seattle and Portland, and although I haven’t had brunch at every place in Seattle or Portland, I’m going to blindly agree. I ate crab legs, skrimps, salmon, fruit, mac and cheese, blackened steel head, a blood orange mimosa, and LOTS of desserts. Everything was wonderful, and I left beyond full, and the entertainment was fabulous.



I was going to go get a mani pedi but I decided to take a nap instead, and paint my own nails. I do a better job most of the time anyways. Thanks for all the birthday lovin’!


– Stephanie



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