[047] NOT Just Another Day




So you know when somebody tells you they sent you something, and they kinda know when it’s supposed to get to you, and today is that day?! Well, my amazing sister, who can bake like nobody’s business, mailed me cupcakes for my birthday. Now most of you are probably like, “Cupcakes? That’s so typical birthday.” Except it isn’t! Not when she’s sending them from the other side of the country. All you doubters bite your tongues until you’ve had one of her cupcakes and then you’ll realize I’m not exaggerating about this next part.

So I get home from the gym, knowing what I have waiting for me, I worked out extra just so I could eat all the cupcakes my heart desires, and the walk from outside to inside seems to take forever. I walk in the door and what do I see? TWO BOXES. I didn’t even take my shoes or coat off before opening the box from my sister, but after documenting its magnificence for this post. No joke, I open the box and all I can smell is chocolate and peanut butter. There’s bubble wrap and ice packs in the way of my cupcakes and frosting. I pull out the cupcakes, which are in a tin, WITH A COVER, rip off said cover, and put all the shifted cup sized cakes back into their respected holes. The frosting is double bagged, thanks Sammy, so it takes me TWICE as long to get it out, and sniff. Yes, I smelled the frosting, and it was glorious. I run around the counter to grab a knife so I can spread the frosting all over a cupcake and shove it in my mouth, but taking a picture pre-shoving to send to my sister. I take a bite. It’s the best tasting cupcake ever. I may have teared up while eating it, partly because it was so good, and partly because it came from my sister on the other side of the country. You all know how I feel about my family, so this better be pretty effing heartwarming.

After I reach a state of pure bliss, I remember I have another box to open! I knew this one was coming at some point, from my aunt and cousin, but I couldn’t have imagined it would have arrived on the same day! This box was easier to open because there were tabs to pull, and no seals to break. Inside I found a hilarious card, and the cutest green lunchbox I’ve ever seen!

I’m seriously the happiest person ever right now. I love my family…they’re all amazing.

– Stephanie


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