[054] It’s a Girl Thing


This post might be hard for guys to understand, unless you use mascara, which would be weird.

When I buy mascara from a drugstore, I go to my brand’s section, look at all the pretty colors, find a brush style I like, and then pick out the color, mine is usually blackish-brown or very black, and sometimes I get one of each. After I pay and get home, I open it up immediately, thrust the clean wand into the mascara, and pull it out just to make sure it’s covered. After I put the brand new mascara with the rest of my makeup, that’s when I actually read the packaging. So today, after picking up a new mascara and going through my ritual, I was rather upset to find out that the particular tube I purchased was “water resistant.” WTF. I hate waterproof mascara because it never comes off without taking half of my eyelashes with it. Obviously I had to test this “water resistant” one because if it was anything like the waterproof kind I would just have to throw it out. Luckily I came to find that “water resistant” really means it comes off just as easily as regular mascara. Thank goodness…crisis avoided.

– Stephanie


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