[058] Dreams


I’ve been having a lot of abnormal dreams. There are still some normal ones sprinkled in there, but most mornings I’ve been waking up thinking, “WTF was that all about?!” Some of the dreams are just trippy, like, I have no idea where the idea of them even comes from. The up side of having all these weird dreams is that the normal ones stand out more, and mean more. This morning I woke up after having a dream about Jacob, my family’s dog. This next part might make me sound a little crazy, but here it goes.

Obviously I miss my family, I haven’t seen them in 2 months, and won’t see them for another 84ish days. ย Yes, I have a countdown. Before I moved, I had been laid off from my job at a portrait studio, and had broken up with my boyfriend, which means I was spending a lot of time at home, with Jacob. Because we were spending basically all day together, I felt like he understood how I was feeling and knew that I needed him to keep me company. Dogs have this amazing intuition, and they love you unconditionally. I’ve been able to Skype “with” Jacob since I’ve been in Seattle, but it’s not the same as seeing him in real life. With the video chatting, he hears my voice, and starts looking around, but can’t see that my face is right in front of him on the screen.

My dream was basically a memory of real life interactions with Jacob. He was making that growling noise he makes when you’re trying to play tug of war with one of his dozens of toys. He ran around in a circle like a dog out of hell for a long time, and then came over and gave me his puppy dog eyes as I ate food. We cuddled on the couch, and he was snoring. It was the perfect dream…I miss my little nugget.


– Stephanie


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