[066] Busted Bundt


I’ve been debating which pound cake recipe I wanted to try, and I finally got it down to two: one made with cream cheese and one without. Well yesterday when I went to make this pound cake, I realized I didn’t have cream cheese. This made my decision very easy. I’ve never made pound cake before but it all seemed pretty straight forward. You know when you try a recipe for the first time and you’re not exactly sure how it’s supposed to turn out, but when you do it perfectly you know it’s right? Well that happened with this pound cake batter. It was beautiful and creamy and smooth and probably could not have turned out more perfectly.

As you can see I had a post all ready talking about pound cake, but it was an epic failure so screw it. Today was beautiful outside, sunny and 60 all day, and I spent it in my office. Someone told me to stop smiling and I told him I couldn’t because it was sunny out, and that is the truth.

Also this picture is from yesterday since today I spent all day inside.

– Stephanie


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