[083] I’m the Biggest Idiot Ever.


Serious though, I’m an idiot.

Do you ever have those days where you’re just fried and feel so completely useless? That was me as of 6:05 today. I had just finished working out so I headed up to the locker room to get all my stuff, except I couldn’t find it. I knew for sure it was a top locker, and I thought I knew what side of the locker room it was on but I just couldn’t find my stuff. So I started freaking out. I found an employee to help me look, and as she was unlocking lockers I was typing in my pin number trying to find in. The whole time all I could think was, “Somebody jacked my shit. Holy crap I’m gonna have to cancel my credit cards, call the police because they stole my car too (since my keys were in the locker), my new t-shirt is gone, and my favorite bra, my work ID badge, all my favorite rings and necklace, and my chapstick. This is the worst day ever.” Then 25 minutes later I punched my pin into one last locker, and it unlocked. I’m the biggest idiot ever.


– Stephanie


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