[084] Fully Recovered


After the gym locker episode yesterday I believe I have fully recovered. Because I worked late a few days this week I got to leave early today! 12:30 early. I made an impulsive decision on my way home to not only get my hair cut for the first time since moving to Seattle, but also to have the hair stylist give me bangs. I haven’t had bangs since 10th grade when I cut them myself (they actually turned out pretty well, just so you’re all aware.) The last time that someone besides Lauri, my go to person for almost 8 years, cut my hair I ended up with a bowl cut. I had to go to the mall the next day and have someone else fix it. That turned into a fauxhawk, and then I dyed it blonde. So I was a little nervous, but Valentine at Vain did an amazing job, and I will definitely be going back!

I’ll be staying in tonight and babysitting so my aunt and uncle can go out to dinner before she goes to Alaska for the week.

I’m awesome, I know.


– Stephanie


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