[089] Humpty Hump


If you can’t tell from the picture, this is my dish washer. It washed 1 knife, 2 forks, and 10 spoons from last week. I like eating with spoons…so what?

I know you guys have probably been holding your breath all day to hear if I my computer got fixed, and it did! Between meetings and downloading all my programs, again, I didn’t do any design work until 2, but it felt good. Getting back in the saddle after a day of twiddling my thumbs.

During my day of un-rest I realized there are a couple of things that occur in the workplace that I really enjoy:

1. When the paper towel dispenser gives me  2 paper towels at once. This just means that I don’t have to motion activate it twice.

2. Taking breaks to roam the halls and find the designated snack bucket. I love me some snacks, plus it’s kind of like exercising, right?

3. Getting giant Rice Krispie treats, even though they’re not nearly as good as the ones I make, from the cafeteria. (Yesterday I tried to get 2, but I didn’t have enough money. It made me more sad than I already was.)

4. When my coworkers bring in donuts and I eat, like, 5. Those days I always go to the gym.

5. Free office supplies!

There are more, but not enough to make it to 10, so I left the weird ones out.


– Stephanie



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