[098] Guts


This week is FINALLY over. Thank goodness. Now I can focus on the weekend.

I’ve been following my gut a lot lately because, frankly, sometimes I think too much. I like everything to be perfect and planned with backup plan to my backup plan. I’m mentally adding something to my new year resolutions. That addition is:

Think less and follow your gut.

This can be applied to work life, social situations, and dating. Actually I’m mostly applying this to dating because I’ve been adding up qualities to try and get the highest score when really those things don’t always make the difference. There have been plenty of guys who where awesome on paper, but as soon as a conversation was started my gut told me no, but my head was like well maybe they’re different in person. Guess what? They weren’t. I think the accurateness of my intuition has increased since my last relationship, and I think I think too much because I’m worried about making another relationship decision that isn’t right for me. It’s time to trust my gut.


– Stephanie


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