[106] Overdose…The Good Kind


THE SUN MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Maybe a little too happy because I think I may have overdosed today. I think everyone who doesn’t see the sun for months has this issue. They see the sun, and they want to inhale and soak it all up. The problem is, their skin hasn’t seen the sun in months either, and they get all kinds of burned. I was lucky enough to go to the Florida Keys in December, and Hawaii in February, so my skin has a very slight base tan which means I did not burn. I can’t say the same for the translucently white girl “tanning” next to me. She went from white to red in the hour and a half I was down at the park. I left when I got a surprise call from my uncle asking if I wanted to go to lunch with him and my little cousin. I had 10 minutes to get back from the park and change out of my bathing suit. I managed to do all that, and we were off to Ivar’s in Mukilteo. We sat outside to enjoy more sun, and delicious foods. The drive back was just as nice, and now I feel ready for a nap, although since it’s 5:45 I probably won’t actually take one.

Here’s to hoping your Saturday was as lovely as mine!


– Stephanie


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