[132] Time


Shit’s about to get philosophical up in here.

Time…where does it go? No, but really, where does it go? I moved here yesterday and tomorrow is the last day of May. What? ALSO, why do some days seem like they’ll never end, but others go by far too quickly? I understand that sometimes it’s related to what’s going on, but that’s not always the case. Yesterday I was super busy and the day dragged. Today I was super busy but the day went by so fast…I actually lost track of time and stayed later than I had planned on. When you lose track of time, where does it go? I’m trying to understand, but I just don’t think I ever will. On the bright side, I think the next 8 days and 16 hours will go by very quickly…hopefully.

– Stephanie


P.S. Isn’t that the most perfectly shaped cloud?!


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