[141] My Head Hurts, and My Burps Taste Like Cinnamon and Cheese


That’s not a quote from me, but I’ve been forbidden from revealing who said it.

Today was mostly a travel day, but I’ve done plenty since arriving in Syracuse at noon. Immediately after getting picked up from the airport I ran some errands with my mom. We went to the house, I had an amazing reunion with Jacob, who is a dog, and then I took a shower. Post shower I was feeling refreshed and re-energized so my sister and I went shopping. We didn’t find much that we were actually looking for, but it seems like we have a reason or two to go shopping again before I leave on Wednesday.

After dinner the family and I took Jacob for a walk. Upon our return, my mom showed my aunt and I her gardens and some of the new and returning flora. Hope your day was as perfect as mine.


– Stephanie


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