[143] Countdowns


Sadly, I’ve started counting down, although internally, to when I leave on Wednesday. I’d like to pretend that it’s not actually happening, but it is, so the least I can do is mentally prepare myself. Ideally, I’d split half of a chocolate mousse dome accompanied by milk shots with my dad and sister every day, but that’s not my reality. Instead I’ll cherish all the moments I have with my family until I leave, and start my next countdown to when my grandparents, dad, and sister visit my side of the country in July. After that countdown, I’ll start the next one to when I meet everyone down in the Outer Banks, NC for a week, and after that, Christmas.

The hardest part about my move to Seattle has, without a doubt, been being separated from the loves of my life. They’re my heart and soul and I wouldn’t be me without them. You guys are the best and I already miss you.

– Stephanie


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