[145] Tortured Travel


I left Syracuse today, and leaving my family was the most pleasant part of the day, which should tell how how awful the rest of my day was.

I landed in Chicago around 1, before a gate had even been assigned to my flight. Being mentally prepared for my 5 hour layover, I grabbed a venti green tea frappuccino, sat my ass down in the most comfortable chair in the airport, which was a short, wooden stool, and started reading Mockingjay. I moved around once an hour just to spice things up.

About 30 minutes before boarding was supposed to start Mother Nature decided to send cell after cell of thunder storms accompanied by lightening and a little hail. An hour and a half later they let us get on the plane, and then made us sit in there for an additional hour and a half. The power to the plane went off three times, there was a Canadian sitting next to me, and a crying, screaming baby behind me. They kept telling us that they were shutting the door and to turn electronics off, except that we didn’t leave, until 9. We landed in Seattle a little after 11:15 and I was finally home by 12:45, but I finished my book!


– Stephanie


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