[160] Verbal Assault

This post has a touch more foul language than usual. Proceed with caution…I’m worked up.


If there’s one thing that I really love, it’s handing out a verbal beating. Some people really deserve it, and some just catch me on a bad day. I pride myself in being able to use big words that leave the other person feeling like a moron and unable to provide any kind of response, witty or not. I especially love doing this to guys who think they’re hot shit, when in reality they’re acting like shit on the bottom of a shoe. I hate being talked to like I’m just a hot piece of ass who can be swooned by a single compliment solely based on my looks. Honestly, fuck off. It’s degrading, and makes you come off as a huge douche bag. This tactic probably works on more girls than I’d like believe, but I will verbally assault you until you’re screaming uncle. Thank you internet for offering up sacrifices for me to slaughter.


– Stephanie


P.S. My back is feeling better, and work was actually really fun today!


One thought on “[160] Verbal Assault

  1. Dad says:

    I am also tired of being talked to as if I’m just a hot piece of ass. Glad your back is better (than your mood).

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