[165] Running is for the Birds


Nowadays it seems like everyone is running. I’ve shied away from it for a couple of reasons, my ankles, but also because I don’t enjoy it. As you grow up sometimes your likes and dislikes change, so I started thinking, maybe I like running and because I haven’t done it in such a long time I just don’t know it.  I used to hate asparagus, but now I love it.

I normally head to the gym after work, but today I decided I would do some floor abs and go for a run outside instead; the weather really is too nice to be inside all day AND all night. I got home, put my workout stuff on, did my abs, stretched every muscle in my body, got my running music on, and then ventured out…to run.

Literally my first running steps I could tell it was a bad idea. They felt stiff and clicky and on the verge of breaking, but I kept going. I had to keep telling myself, “One foot in front of the other. Don’t step on rocks. Try not to get hit by a car because you’re watching your feet instead of where you’re going.” I twisted my ankles so many times I lost count, and they’re both already swollen. I got to the end of my road, which is about a mile, turned around, and started walking. My trip back was actually kind of nice. I stopped to take pictures and let my imagination run wild. (Side note: I think I watch too much TV because I was envisioning crocodiles crawling out of the ditches on the side of the road.)I threw in some sprint intervals to make myself feel better about walking, but my seriously intense dislike for running has been re-confirmed.

I definitely won’t be doing that shit again.


– Stephanie


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