[171] I. Love. Getting. Mail.


Really, only good mail though, not that coupon bullshit. On that note, a package arrived for me today! It came from my lovely mother who returned last week from a trip to England. Which means this girl got some souvenirs! First of all, everything was bubble wrapped, even the tea. Second, there was this plastic bag that felt kind of like paper when I was trying to untie the knot, and I got distracted. Oops. There was tea and chocolates, a fancy Top Shop eyeliner, adorable antique teacups and saucers in the most beautiful sea foam hue, and a hand written note. I have this obsession with cups and bowls so reading the story about my mom finding the tea cups in an antique shop was very sweet. The note was probably my favorite part of the package, but considering I already ate the chocolate, I’ll call it a tie. My mom’s the best.


– Stephanie


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