[176] I Feel Bad Riding My Segway Past Homeless People


Today was pretty close to perfect. Woke up after sleeping in a little bit, or, as much as one can when there’s a two year old running around upstairs, showered and got ready for the day. Our Seattle Segway tour started at 11:30 and everything from there was pretty much smooth sailing. I first rode a Segway two years ago when we were in San Francisco, and that definitely prepared me well. Good news for me is that riding a Segway is kind of like riding a bike in the sense that you remember pretty quickly how to operate it. We rode all over Seattle in those bad boys, and had an absolute blast doing it. (You can check out my Instagram to see a more detailed recap of the adventure!)


176c      176b


(The light pink gum is Sammy’s, but she was too chicken to put it on the wall, so I did it for her!)


After our tour of Seattle via Segways we stopped at a deli for lunch, and then headed over to Pike Place to wander around and buy some flowers and fish. We visited the Gum Wall, which I still hadn’t been to, took a picture, and then headed home. My uncle, who was on the Segway tour with us, left us and met up with my grandparents and aunt for the Polish festival. When we pulled into the driveway I realized we had no keys or garage door openers to get into the house. I wasn’t driving so my house key, which is with my car key, was still in the house, and the garage door opener in my car, was still in my car behind the closed garage door. We ended up having to hang out on the deck and listen to music on my phone until everyone else got home. It wasn’t more than an hour, but I don’t think I’ve ever been locked out of the house for that long, or at all actually. Besides that little mishap the day was great. Good weather, good food, and good company.


– Stephanie 


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