[182] Six. Freaking. Months.


It’s been half a year since I moved to Seattle. I can’t even believe it’s been that long! So in honor of this milestone, here is a rant.


There are some annoying things about technology and what we’ve become accustomed to. For example, when you’re having a conversation with someone via text and it’s flowing and feeling good, and then you ask a question, not even a very serious one that could potentially scare someone into hiding, and they don’t answer. And before they reply, if they ever even do, hours pass. I know for a fact that your phone is either in your hand, pocket, purse, or at least nearby. If you don’t want to, or don’t have time to chat, all you have to say is, “Hey, I don’t have time to chat right now, but I’ll get at chu later.” Done. There’s no wondering on my end of, “Why didn’t they respond? Was it something I said? Do they not like me? Was I being annoying?” Instead I know what’s going on, and as a woman, I’m not overanalyzing the situation. It is what it is, and if the person who’s been begging to be on the blog is reading, this one’s for you.


– Stephanie


One thought on “[182] Six. Freaking. Months.

  1. Your tech guru says:

    OK. 1. I wasn’t begging. I just said “please” 4 x in a row in a whiney voice. 2. You know how when sometimes I’m driving and I totally forget how to operate the car? Same thing sometimes when I’m texting! Nothing personal.

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