[188] Food Coma


Since this is a judgement free zone I’m gonna drop a little tidbit on you: I’ve been eating mostly cereal this week.

Why, you might ask? Because I leave for vacation with my family next week and we’re going to be on the beach…and I’m not really feeling the way my bathing suits are fitting…which is not not well…which means tight. So I’ve been eating cereal, and cereal like snacks…and fruit. I get one real meal a day so today for dinner I “indulged” in asparagus spears and two open face veggie burgers with cheddar, sriracha, and guacamole (under 500 calories, btw). SO GOOD. And I purposefully made it look like a face, because I’m awesome like that. AND If I wasn’t already in stretchy pants I’d have to put some on.


– Stephanie


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