[189] When I’m In a Car Everyone Else Sucks


When you’re the one driving the car inevitably you probably hate pedestrians and bicyclists. I know I do. They’re always annoying and honestly I could run them over with my machine made of metal. Obviously, or not so obviously after that last sentence, I wouldn’t actually run someone over on purpose. Being in the Seattle area means that there are a plethora of bikers and pedestrians. I’m probably imagining this next part, but I totally think that these people commuting in a non-detrimental-to-the-environment way have a superiority complex. They think that because they aren’t killing the ozone they can do whatever they want. Wrong. THERE ARE RULES AND THEY SHOULD FOLLOW THEM TOO. Ugh. As you can see, these alternative commuter types irk me. When I get frustrated or impatient I say to myself, just in my head, not out loud because that would be weird, “That could be your father with his gimpy foot and super tight bike shorts pedaling to work because he likes the exercise and not because he’s a tree hugger even though he actually kind of is.”

– Stephanie


2 thoughts on “[189] When I’m In a Car Everyone Else Sucks

  1. Your tech guru says:

    I’m laughing. It’s like when my patience was tested behind a DWO and I said I hope whoever is driving behind Nannie has as much patience. Now I’m Nannie? I don’t know whether to swat you or hug you but I’m laughing.

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