[198] Beaches Who Cook


Today my family made dinner for everyone else in the house, so Sammy and I made our cold salads before we went down to the beach. After spending a couple of hours down there soaking up some sun, it started to pour. I booked it back to the house, showered, peeled and deveined 5lbs of shrimp. There was some entertainment in the form of an adorable 6 year old, Ryan. All I know is that he’s hilarious. He was playing “Big Bad Wolf” with my dad, who was the wolf, and at one point Ryan told him to, “Get off my lawn!”

Later, Sammy, Buddy, Ryan and I went down to the beach to do a little crab hunting. Before we left the house, Ryan, who was wearing crab pajamas, laid down on the floor and said, “When we get down to the beach I’m going to lay down in the sand and say, ‘Hello my red brothers!'” Where do kids come up with this stuff?!

– Stephanie


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