[214] Sprouts


Before moving in with my aunt and uncle, I had never eaten brussel sprouts. (I guess my parents actually do love me.) But in the last couple months I’ve had them multiple times, and have actually enjoyed them. It’s weird, but I don’t hate it.


– Stephanie


2 thoughts on “[214] Sprouts

  1. Mom says:

    You should try either to separate the leaves or cut them in slices, toss them a bit with olive oil, salt and pepper them and put them into the oven to bake. They turn out like chips and are delicious. Cabbage also works like this. The vegetables get sweeter and taste delicious!

  2. Sprouticider says:

    After that 1st comment, you know “your dad actually does love you.” But I can’t protect you any more. Hold true to your sprout traditions.

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