[224] Hooky


Today I was “working from home” so naturally I took a long lunch, and went into Seattle to cure my exploration fever. I parked the car, and walked to the Olympic Sculpture Park to look at the sculptures, naturally. I also sat in the shade for a little bit and read a couple chapters of my book, on my iPad. Then I made my way up a couple of blocks to City Center to enjoy the view of the Space Needle, and sit on a different patch of grass to read a few more chapters of my book. When the wetness from the ground started to soak through my pants, I decided it was time to hop on the monorail and head downtown to grab some grub, and find some flowers. I headed to Pike Place, grabbed some Beecher’s mac and cheese, went and sat in a pseudo park to eat and people watch. After I had enough, I found my flowers, and headed back to my car. I somehow managed to miss Friday afternoon traffic, and that oddly made me the happiest, although I thoroughly enjoyed everything else.

– Stephanie


3 thoughts on “[224] Hooky

  1. Liz says:

    Wish I had been there. Love to people watch, love the water views and especially love picking out bunches of flowers for an exceptionally great price!

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