[235] Laughing Cures All Ailments


Lunch with the girls from work is hardly ever dull. I look forward to it every day actually, except the days I’m slammed and have to eat alone at my desk. It’s not usually everyone, every day, but today Corina made a guest appearance. It started off like a regular lunch: we got our food, or nuked it in the microwave, grabbed a drink, and headed outside to a table. I made a comment about Amber’s laugh and how guttural and unfakeable it is so naturally Corina said, “I’m gonna try and mimic your laugh, Amber.” So Amber laughed, and Corina tried to copy it, except it wasn’t very close, which made Amber and I laugh harder, and louder, and then Corina tried again, and even though it was closer, it still wasn’t it. By this point Amber and I are actually laughing so hard we’re both crying. Even after Corina left, we laughed for another solid 5-10 minutes.

I’m still giggling now just thinking about it.


– Stephanie


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