[237] Tropical Nuts


I made coconut rice again last week, but it turned out so bad, and at first I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized I was using a new, different pot that had a spout, and special lid for draining liquid out of said pot. This feature is totally awesome for pasta because then I don’t have to pull out the strainer, but it is not good for rice. Anyways, is it weird that I don’t mind eating crunchy rice? I would never serve it to anyone, unless they deserved it, but if I’m cooking for myself, and it turns out a little al dente I’m still down to eat it. And I know al dente rice is nothing like al dente pasta, but I don’t really care? This means, that tonight for dinner, I had a main dish of crunchy coconut rice, a glass of coconut water, and dark chocolate with coconut for dessert.

I am a coconut ho.


– Stephanie


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