[248] Fall is Here and Winter is Coming


That’s what she said.

Anyways, Fall is officially here in Seattle. Unfortunately, that means the rain is back. It was POURING this morning so naturally I shot an #instavid while I was getting ready for work. The rain brings a few things with it that include, but are not limited to:

1. Sweaters, like, everyday.

2. Boots, also, like, everyday.

3. Pumpkin and apple everything. So far I’ve only indulged in pumpkin lattes, and one apple crisp, but I’m fixin’ to start incorporating pumpkin and apple into more foods. And baking lots of pumpkin shit. I have a ridiculous arsenal built up.

4. Putting my iPod on random and hoping that it knows what kind of mood I’m in. (Today it did, and I was very grateful.) I guess this isn’t specific to Fall, but I hadn’t done it all Summer and I did today, so it made sense to relate it to Fall.

5. The way the air smells when it rains. It’s actually kind of a neutral smell, and the only reason I say that is because I can smell my laundry detergent on my clothes much easier than I was able to during the summer.

6. SO MUCH SOUP. Soup is a staple of my diet in the colder months and I actually started stocking up on recipes and already made soups months ago.

7. Blankets, fireplaces, and other warm things. I closed the windows over the weekend when it dropped below 60, but I refuse to turn the heat on yet. (Thanks for inadvertently turning me into a heat miser, dad.)

8. Cuddling. Whether it’s with someone else, or alone (although I’m not sure how possible it is to cuddle with yourself), being wrapped up in something or someone gets kicked up a notch in the fall.

9. Hot tea. Right now I’m drinking up the tail end of my fruitea collection so I’ll need to stock up on chai and apple spice like teas, stat.

10. Being lazy, and not feeling bad about it. Football season is in full swing and I refuse to feel bad about plopping my ass down on the couch to watch 9 hours of unadulterated fun. Except when my Giants and fantasy team get spanked so hard a handprint is left behind for days.

I’m sure there are more things I could add to this list, but ten is a nice round number, and we all know I’m a little OCD about shit like that.

– Stephanie


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