[251] The Sun Will Come Out…Tomorrow?


I feel really bad for the girl that just had to deal with me. So I told you that I ripped my pants earlier in the week, but what I didn’t tell you was that it was actually the second pair of those same pants that have ripped in the same place: the ass. The first time it happened to someone else who I lent said pants to, and it was sort of funny then, but when it happened Tuesday, it was not funny. So naturally, I was pissed.

When I got home from work and I called customer service. Obviously I was hoping for either a refund or replacement because I really do love the pants, but that’s not what I got. This girl was very nice, and I tried not to yell, but when she kept putting me on hold and coming back only to tell me that she couldn’t do anything because there wasn’t a tag on the pants I started getting more and more angry. No shit there’s not a tag on the pants. I wore them. How else would they rip? When she tried to imply that maybe the pants were too small of a size, I lost it. I told her that was rude and that I wanted to talk to someone higher up, and when she put her manager on the phone this woman didn’t even apologize for her employee. She was like a fucking robot telling me that unless the pants had a tag on them, there was nothing they could do. I retold her the story of how this was actually the SECOND pair that ripped up the ass, and all I could manage to squeeze out of her was a discount code that would give me 10% off my next order AND that when I use this code, it makes the sale final, so no refunds or exchanges. Thanks for practically nothing Forever21. Boo you.


– Stephanie


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