[252] Hallelujah!


Besides the fact that it’s Friday, something else amazing happened. A bunch of us ladies went to The Commons for lunch to celebrate someone’s last day. Lunch was normal; we ate food, chatted, and were generally merry. When we hopped on a shuttle back to our building, everything changed, but for the better. Our shuttle driver was an absolute pleasure to be around. His laugh was infectious, and his words, kind and from the heart. We asked why there was a small, lonely shoe in his console, and he said, “Where I’m from in the Philippines, when you find a child’s shoe, as a cab driver, you put it in your vehicle to remember your children or grandchildren so that you drive safely for whoever is in your car.” Naturally we all melted, and then asked what his name was. Everyone calls him Hallelujah Tony because there are, like, 5 Tonys: there’s the tall one, the short one, the fat one, the skinny one, and then him. I feel like there’s so much more I wanted to say about Hallelujah Tony, but it was such a short shuttle ride, and now I wish I knew more about him. Service with a smile!

– Stephanie


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