[265] But…It’s Your Face…


Dear Face Tattoos,

Why do you have to populate some of the hottest faces I’ve ever seen?

No joke, I had 3 people send me messages yesterday and they all seemed like really great, smart, funny, good looking guys, until I saw that THEY ALL HAD FACE TATTOOS. What? How does that happen? I feel like it’s a little judgey of me in this day and age, but I can’t even imagine introducing a guy with face tattoos to my parents:

“Hey mom and dad, this is Ralph, he’s a tattoo artist since he can’t really do much else because he has his mother’s name tattooed above his eyebrow.”

“Honey, are you sure he didn’t get that in prison?”

“No, but he told me he did it himself, so that’s a little impressive, right?”

I just couldn’t do it. I like them literally everywhere else, just not on the face, and actually, the neck is a little iffy for me too, but I guess it all depends what the tattoo is actually of, and if it’s done well.


Tonight I shared a pizza and wine with someone who does NOT have any face tattoos…ALSO…there are exactly 100 days left in my 365 project…what? Where did 265 days go?!


– Stephanie


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