[278] Some Things Are Worth Waiting For


So everyone knows that I’m dating, right? I love the girls I work with because they’re all currently in relationships, and they actually like to listen to my dating stories. Whether it’s about a ridiculously awful message I got from a 59 year old man telling me I’m the one he’s been waiting for, or a knee-weakening song someone sent me, they’re always genuinely interested. Maybe it has something to do with living vicariously through me and not actually having to deal with the whole dating scene, but I appreciate their excitement.

Besides missing my family, one of the hardest things about moving to Seattle was leaving behind everyone that I’m close to. I’ve been seriously lacking female friendships, but I’ve managed to find, or stumble into, an amazing group of girls that I not only work well with, but can easily hang out with outside of work. I love that we all have things that we’re passionate about outside of work, and I don’t think they know how much their love, support, and friendship means to me, but now they will!


Amber is a complete inspiration. Not only has she been a designer for 5+ years, but she also competes as a Figure athlete in body building competitions, and has the most infectious laugh that makes me smile always. She’s awesome, and you should check out her website for both her design AND fitness portfolios!

Sara is probably one of the coolest chicks I’ve met in the past few months. She started a non-profit with a friend and has an amazing wardrobe. We love talking about boys, and she gives some pretty great advice. If you take a look at her website, you’ll probably like her as much as I do.

Last but not least, Corina. She’s vivacious, thoughtful, and just an all around awesome woman. She loves to draw and take walks where we get to talk about life outside of the office, plus she’s a really good listener. Should you be interested in viewing some of Corina’s adorable drawings, I’ll provide you with this link!


I’d go lesbian for you guys.


– Stephanie


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