[300] o_o


I’m feeling particularly accomplished today; I’m finally into the 300s for my 365 project and the end is nearly in sight. I got a sort of promotion when it comes to my work load at work, which is exciting…I’m going to get to do more design stuff. And I received a really sweet compliment from one of the higher up site managers about how all the people on her team appreciate and enjoy working with me. *blush*

I also think a switch flipped on in my brain today. My friend sent me a link to this article about the differences between dating a girl vs a woman which obviously led me to read the opposite article about the differences between dating a boy vs a man. Obviously I’m a woman vs a girl, but it seems that I’ve been dating a lot of boys, and I’m kind of over it. Read the article and you’ll totally understand.

Another great thing that happened today…my mom and dad sent me a kitchen island as an apartment warming gift! I may have provided them with an extensive list of things, and nudged them toward this island, but they did buy it for me. Even from 3,000 miles away they both still find a way to make me feel beyond loved and cared for. They’re kind of the best.


– Stephanie


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