[312] I Was Not Expecting Packing Peanuts


I got a package in the mail today, which I was expecting; my parents shipped my toolbox last week. What I was not expecting were the plethora of packing peanuts. (You’re welcome for that beautiful alliteration.)

I think my dad packed the box, which was actually two boxes stacked and tucked into each other and then skillfully taped together. So, because they were stacked, and tucked, and taped, I had to pull one of the boxes up out of the other, and when I did, the packing peanuts fell everywhere. I wasn’t even expecting pack peanuts, and I’m not even really sure why there were packing peanuts in the first place. I mean, it’s a tool box, so it’s got to be pretty sturdy. If anything, I thought maybe some extra bubble wrap would be in there, but alas, they were peanuts.

I’m also pretty sure there may have been some extra tools in there, and for that, I am thankful, even though I’m not exactly sure which ones are the additions.


– Stephanie


One thought on “[312] I Was Not Expecting Packing Peanuts

  1. Dad says:

    I would have taped the tool box shut and slapped a label on it. It’s a tool box. And there might be an extra thing or 2 in there. You’re welcome. Now, go put some holes in those walls!

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