[356] Sick Day


There are a shit-ton of people at work who have been sick, and passing their sickness around. Unfortunately, I caught some strain of that sickness and decided to stay home. There wasn’t anything pressing at work, so that made my decision a whole lot easier. I stayed in bed until almost noon, and then walked down the street to get some pho with the boy, who happened to have a meeting later not that far away from my place. I put enough sriracha in my pho to clear out the entire contents of my head, except my brain. When I got back to my apartment, I hopped back into bed and slept on and off until 5pm.

The only reason I got out of bed was to shower, go have dinner made for me, to watch A River Runs Through It, and to get some cuddling in. Nothing like some quality time with someone that make you happy to cure a head cold.


– Stephanie


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