[Dirty Laundry]


I’m about to air some dirty laundry that a lot of ladies like to hide. Even though I’m no longer single, I do still live alone and continue to participate in some habits that I would never, or at least not right now, want my boyfriend to witness. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Not wearing pants until 2pm on the weekends.
  2. Surviving on virtually zero food in the refrigerator for two weeks.
  3. Sniffing dirty drinking glasses to see if they’re smelly, and if they aren’t, I use them.
  4. Using mud masks multiple times a week.
  5. Gorging on massive amounts of junk food and candy.
  6. Sometimes I don’t shower.
  7. Laying on the couch all day.
  8. Drinking an entire bottle of wine without any help.
  9. Doing squats in my living room.
  10. Farting, or as some people call it…”making a fluffy.”


I’m a lady so that last one never happens, but if it did happen in front of my boyfriend I’d simply be mortified. Oh the mysteries of females.


– S


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