[Go Ahead…See What Happens]


I really hate when people cut me off while I’m talking. I understand that it happens sometimes because that just the nature of human conversation and I can deal with it then, but when it happens over and over and over again, I lose my shit.

I sort of snapped at one of my coworkers/friends today after being cut off sentence after sentence. Normally I wouldn’t have been that upset about it because honestly, it wasn’t that important but I had already been a part of multiple conversations where I felt like I wasn’t able to contribute because I had been cut off, or just simply talked over. I’m not a confrontational person, so usually I just let it slide, but when I feel like I’m losing my voice and I’m not able to share a story or opinion, I get anxious, and that anxiety turns into an annoyance that just pisses me off.

Phew…glad I got that off my chest.


– S