[Playing Catch-up]


It’s been awhile since I last posted, and for that, I apologize.

Here’s the short version of what’s been going on:

  • I turned 25.
  • My mom came to visit.
  • I fell in love.


Here’s the long version:

You know when you say you love someone for the first time it feels weird coming out of your mouth even if you wholeheartedly believe it? Yeah, that happened. After Mr. Sullivan and I exchanged those words Valentine’s Day weekend (a touch cliche, but it felt right) for a week afterwards it felt a little strange. I have never, ever, ever, ever felt this way about someone and I think we might be in it for the long haul…but stay tuned to find out.

I turned 25, but my last couple birthdays have been kind of depressing. Last year it was the first one I spent away from my mom, dad, and sister so to say it was weird, is an understatement. It was so nice having my aunt, uncle, and cousin to celebrate with, but it wasn’t the same; I didn’t really have any friends and I was in this new, unfamiliar place far away from everything I’d ever known. (I’m sorry that was so dramatic.)

This year it was totally different; I have friends, and a wonderful boyfriend who went above and beyond what I was expecting. I had a lovely morning and got flowers delivered to me at work (bravo) and also received an orchid from Sara, who is the sweetest. My work day was easy and lots of people said ‘Happy Birthday.’ (Last year basically nobody at work knew who I was, and my birthday was on a Sunday.) As soon as I got home, which was early, I hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner. My handsome man picked me up curb side and even showed up with more gifts, which I was not expecting; flowers and dinner would have been more than enough. BUT, he got me a lovely Kiehl’s set of lotions, facial cleanser, and soaps, AND a very generous gift card to Aritzia. Then on top of all that, we went to Palisade, which is tres nice. I felt so special, loved and like I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Three days later, my mom came to visit me! There were some flying issues, but she managed to make it to Seattle only 12 hours late. I felt like we went non-stop for four days straight; we went to the Space Needle, Chihuly exhibit, took the monorail downtown and explored Pike Place Market, visited the Seattle Art Museum, had dinner with Mr. Sullivan (that’s right, Mama Liz met the boyfriend), spent an entire day at the Salish Lodge and Spa getting massages and mani-pedis, we had dinner next to Snoqualmie Falls, ate a late breakfast at Toulouse Petit, drove up to the casino and outlet mall in Tulalip, and then finally met up with my aunt and uncle for a late lunch Sunday afternoon. My mom spent a couple of days with my cousin and we reunited Wednesday night when I brought her home with me. She was able to venture around city center and visited the EMP museum Thursday. When I got home from work we went to see the Ballard locks and got dinner at Red Mill. Obviously it was a tearful goodbye, but she’s my mama and I’m gonna miss her…until the next time.

So that’s that. Hope it was worth the wait!


– S


[324] Kick Ass Bitches


I watched the Seahawks games with some pretty cool chicks today, and it got me thinking about the other amazing women I’ve had as role models, and mainly, my mom.

Today is her birthday so I guess she was on my mind anyway. I was a little bummed since I didn’t get to spend the day with her, but the fact that I’ll be home in 12.5 days makes it much more tolerable. I’ve gushed about my mom and the rest of my family enough times for y’all to get how much I love them, but I wanted to pay my mama a little extra attention on her birthday:



I think you know how much I love you and how much I rely on you whenever I’m in need, but in case there’s any questions, this should clear it up. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better mother and friend. I know that I was bit of a bitch when I was in high school and I’m sorry for all that bullshit I put you through. Now that I look back on that time, I can’t remember anything we ever fought about; part of me is a little sad that that time may have been wasted, but the other part is glad that we were able to get over that phase and move on to a better relationship with each other. I appreciate everything that you do for me, especially all the ways that you make me feel loved from 3,000 miles away. You’re an amazingly strong, caring, smart, beautiful, thoughtful woman and having you in my life makes me a better person.

I love you.


– Stephanie


[196] It’s a Parade!!!


Today is my sister’s 18th birthday. What? And I flew all the way from Seattle to celebrate with her. Sure, it’s in conjunction with vacation, but I still made the trip…which was uneventful…thank goodness.

My family picked me up at the Norfolk, VA airport, and we went straight to dinner, sort of. Tina, my dad’s GPS, sent us in some weird directions, but luckily we had some time to kill, and eventually made it to the restaurant. Dinner was good, and we left full of delicious pasta and sauces. It was an early night since we have an early morning ahead of us.


– Stephanie


[093] Sunday Birthday…Almost


Tomorrow is my uncle’s birthday, but we celebrated today. I spent more than the first half of the day in bed recuperating from last night. Got up out of bed a little after 1, showered, finished up some laundry, and went upstairs to “help” with making the cake and, in general, just socializing. All I actually did was decorate the cake with cute polka dots, but at least I helped with something, because otherwise I really didn’t do a whole lot of anything today. BUT, that’s the way Sundays should be, right?


– Stephanie


[047] NOT Just Another Day




So you know when somebody tells you they sent you something, and they kinda know when it’s supposed to get to you, and today is that day?! Well, my amazing sister, who can bake like nobody’s business, mailed me cupcakes for my birthday. Now most of you are probably like, “Cupcakes? That’s so typical birthday.” Except it isn’t! Not when she’s sending them from the other side of the country. All you doubters bite your tongues until you’ve had one of her cupcakes and then you’ll realize I’m not exaggerating about this next part.

So I get home from the gym, knowing what I have waiting for me, I worked out extra just so I could eat all the cupcakes my heart desires, and the walk from outside to inside seems to take forever. I walk in the door and what do I see? TWO BOXES. I didn’t even take my shoes or coat off before opening the box from my sister, but after documenting its magnificence for this post. No joke, I open the box and all I can smell is chocolate and peanut butter. There’s bubble wrap and ice packs in the way of my cupcakes and frosting. I pull out the cupcakes, which are in a tin, WITH A COVER, rip off said cover, and put all the shifted cup sized cakes back into their respected holes. The frosting is double bagged, thanks Sammy, so it takes me TWICE as long to get it out, and sniff. Yes, I smelled the frosting, and it was glorious. I run around the counter to grab a knife so I can spread the frosting all over a cupcake and shove it in my mouth, but taking a picture pre-shoving to send to my sister. I take a bite. It’s the best tasting cupcake ever. I may have teared up while eating it, partly because it was so good, and partly because it came from my sister on the other side of the country. You all know how I feel about my family, so this better be pretty effing heartwarming.

After I reach a state of pure bliss, I remember I have another box to open! I knew this one was coming at some point, from my aunt and cousin, but I couldn’t have imagined it would have arrived on the same day! This box was easier to open because there were tabs to pull, and no seals to break. Inside I found a hilarious card, and the cutest green lunchbox I’ve ever seen!

I’m seriously the happiest person ever right now. I love my family…they’re all amazing.

– Stephanie


[044] Happy Birthday to Me


Today is my birthday! And the sun is shining. It’s a birthday miracle! I’m 24, and this is the very first birthday that I will be away from my family, i.e. my mom, dad, sister, and Jacob, who is a dog. I had a minor breakdown on Friday while I was talking to my cousin. Obviously it had been on my mind, but I hadn’t talked about it out loud. I had all these emotions just rush over me. I lived at home all through college, lived near my family after that, and just moved away, so this is new to me. I talked to my mom in the morning, and video chatted with my sister immediately after. Talked to my dad in the car on the way home from brunch, and video “chatted” with Jacob, which really just means I talked at him while my sister held her iPod in his face. After that, my day was complete.



It’s definitely been nice having my aunt and uncle and adorable cousin here because it makes everything no so lonely. Before we left, they gave me the most unique present that I didn’t even know I wanted: a piece of the court that SU won the championship game on 10 years ago. It’s so cool and I really love it. They also took me out to brunch at this place called Salty’s. It claims to be the best brunch in Seattle and Portland, and although I haven’t had brunch at every place in Seattle or Portland, I’m going to blindly agree. I ate crab legs, skrimps, salmon, fruit, mac and cheese, blackened steel head, a blood orange mimosa, and LOTS of desserts. Everything was wonderful, and I left beyond full, and the entertainment was fabulous.



I was going to go get a mani pedi but I decided to take a nap instead, and paint my own nails. I do a better job most of the time anyways. Thanks for all the birthday lovin’!


– Stephanie