[Field of Floral Dreams]


Peter and I drove up to La Conner for the Tulip Festival. I give him props for agreeing to do that, but I also think he likes taking long drives, plus we ate really good food. AND it’s not like I dragged him into any antique shops or anything…oh wait…

It was a gloriously sunny day across the western half of Washington. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of the sun on your skin and face, even though your face is covered in skin, after a long, dreary winter. It’s like your whole body and soul is rejuvenated and reborn. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s a pretty good feeling regardless. We stopped at one of the many tulip fields and just walked around the rows and rows of yellow and red flowers basking in the sun.

If I haven’t told you already, then you should know, I’m a flower fiend. Between April and October you can almost always find fresh cut flowers or some other form of plant life in my apartment or office at work. They make everything better, and these fields of tulips in full bloom were no exception. I couldn’t go more than 30 seconds without smiling. Peter kept asking me what was up, and I just kept telling him I was happy. Happy to be there with him, happy to be surrounded by flowers, and happy the sun was out.

After that detour we headed into “downtown” La Conner, which is really just a “Main St.” There were a handful of shops, lots of food options, and a bountiful amount of sexy cars which kept Peter’s head turning every couple of feet. We walked up and down the streets for a while and then headed to a restaurant that Peter’s mom had suggested. If I can avoid veggie burgers at restaurants I usually do because 9 times out of 10 it’s a frozen patty that really isn’t that good. There was plenty for me to choose from, but something was telling me to get a veggie burger, so I did, with caramelized onions and Tillamook cheddar cheese. No joke, best veggie burger I have ever had in my entire life, including ones that I’ve made from scratch. It was crunchy on the outside and flavorful and soft on the inside, but it didn’t fall apart, which is the problem I had with the ones I’ve tried to make. Every bite made me close my eyes with pleasure. If I was turned on by food, this veggie burger wouldn’t have had to try very hard to get me to go home with it. I mean, seriously.

We left after my affair with the veggie burger and walked back to the car to head home. Besides the traffic we hit, it was a pretty flawless day. I’d be happy with a couple of days like that a year, but I’ve been lucky to have far more a couple so far this year. 2014 is shaping up to be pretty amazing.


– S


[321] I Almost Died Today


The one thing that bothers me the most about Seattle is its drivers. They either don’t know how to operate a vehicle in the rain, and most of the time in dry weather too, or they drive slow in the left lane, or they are insane and drive like maniacs not using turn signals while they bob and weave through the traffic. I came in contact with every single one of these types of drivers today.

Thursdays tend to have the worst traffic, although I’m not exactly sure why, so I left work a little early hoping to avoid some of the ridiculousness. Getting home wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but walking from where I parked to my apartment was another story.

Back story: Coming from the East Coast I tend to use crosswalks as a guideline rather than the law; if I’m not going to get run over then I’ll cross the street. My first week in Seattle, back in January, I decided to go to the Seattle Art Museum and spend the day downtown since I didn’t have a job to go to or anywhere to be in particular. In the middle of the day it’s pretty easy to cross the street without getting hit by a car, so I would jaywalk because, let’s be honest, who likes waiting at a crosswalk when you don’t have to; it’s such a waste of time. Well, that day I got heckled for crossing the street when the little crosswalk light was a big ‘ol red don’t-cross-the-street hand. Since then I’ve tried to be more…respectful of social norms when I’m with other people, and especially when it comes to crossing the street. If I’m by myself it’s usually a completely different story.

So anyway, I ended up parking maybe a block or two from my apartment. It was dark out and I wasn’t wearing anything reflective or neon so I decided to obey the crosswalk lights and such. Unfortunately, some of the not main streets don’t actually have crosswalks and lights which means it’s a little bit trickier. Most of those streets do have stop signs in all directions though, and as a general rule, pedestrians have the right of way in the instances where crosswalks don’t exist. So I’m walking across a street, and actually paying attention, when this car runs its stop sign and comes within inches, like less than 5, of hitting me. I didn’t even know how to react except swear like a sailor and rip this fratty douche bag a new one before he didn’t get out of his car, and drove off without even asking if I was ok. I was pretty shaken up almost losing my knee caps so I just walked home as fast as possible, poured myself a big ass glass of wine, and then just tried to calm down.

I hope this guy’s car breaks down on the 520 bridge.

– Stephanie


[204] Homeward Bound


It was a long day. 3.5 hours in the car, breakfast at IHOP, 2.5 hours in the Norfolk airport, 1 hour on a plane, 3 hours in the Philly airport, 5 hours on a plane, 45 minutes in the car, 15 minutes in the shower, and 9 hours in bed sleeping.

The best decision I made all day was putting on a sports bra and yoga pants to travel in…real clothes are overrated.

And yes, this is another sunset. Deal with it.


– Stephanie